Job Description

Responsible for handling day-to-day complaints regarding maintenance.
Responsible to follow-up planning schedule of preventive maintenance and to co-ordinate building mechanical, sanitary, and other maintenance work.
Responsible to liaise with general contractors.
Responsible to maintain the interior and exterior of building, furniture, fixtures, etc.
Responsible to repair and maintain all air-conditioning equipment, refrigeration units, piping work and associated equipment.
Responsible to attend daily briefing meeting and weekly maintenance meeting
Responsible to carry out all engineering and maintenance work as directed.
Responsible to carry out shift duties, split shifts or when called upon to perform odd duties whenever a person of the same category trade falls sick, is on vacation or absent from duties and or as called upon to do so from time to time as directed by the seniors.
Responsible to support for setting up of any promotional activity within the Multiplex.
Responsible to repair, install and maintain electrical equipment (rotary & static) electrical fitting and switchboards.
Responsible to submit reports to the Manager Engineering.
Responsible to keep a record and to analyze the electrical power supply.
Responsible to continue the work in terms of transfer from the morning shift to the afternoon shift and night shift including the projection room duties.
Responsible to conduct routine scheduled inspection and supervise the cleaning program.
Responsible to perform any other duties as may be assigned by the management from time to time.
Responsible to have functional knowledge of the fire detection equipment, the fire fighting equipment and the projection equipment.

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