Job Description

This is a Supervisory, Managerial and Administrative position in the organization but not limiting to below:
Job Summary :
Handling Security functions Under the general guidance and supervision of the unit head and Manager / Regional Manager Security & Admin and adhering to policies and procedures, ensure maintenance of a smooth and effective day to day work routine. Will be responsible for:
1. Ensuring the correct deployment of Guards/Supervisor across the Unit as needed.
2. Take briefing the security personnel daily and also in case of special events.
3. Monitoring and checking of the log book.
4. Monitoring of CCTV of previous day/night.
5. Co -ordinate with the security agency for training of the security personnel posted at INOX
6. Ensuring that a daily property round is taken and observations if found are communicated with the Unit Head.
7. Checking the working condition of fire & Safety equipment installed in property and sending for service according to the AMC.
8. Briefing of the Security team on a daily basis and especially in case of special events.
9. Conducting of Firefighting and evacuation training twice in a month and Testing of Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Beam Detectors, Hydrant Systems
10. Ensuring that all DFMD, HHMD, Walkies- Talkies, CCTV are working and that their AMC license are recorded.
11. All Unit installed Telephone lines, EDC lines and mobile expenses are under control.
12. Ensuring that Units have a Ladies Night Drop facility and is monitored frequently for their safety.
13. Ensuring that a Car is hired under a contract for the Ladies Night Drop Service.
14. Ensuring that this is a contract for a Courier service vendor at the Unit.
15. Responsible for the preparation of duties schedule of all security staff.
16. Responsible for the execution of all emergency procedures during a fire and an evacuation plan.
17. Ensure all Audis, Lobby Evacuation Plans and Signage are displayed in the appropriate places as well as through slides before the start of each Show.
18. Responsible for Liaison work with local government bodies police, fire dept.
19. Responsible for the execution of all security process at the Unit without any lapses.
20. Responsible for the screening and checking on the quality of guards being supplied by agency and make necessary changes as and when required.
21. Ensuring that the moral of security staff is high and speak them in case of salary delays for any reason.
22. Looking into as regarding.
23. Ensuring that statutory payments are made as per our agreement along with the proper documentations and the bill.
24. Coordinating with the agency in order to maintain high service standards and upkeep any equipment as provided by the agency.
25. Negotiation of vendor rates as and when needed.
26. Monitoring of the security and admin budget, wages and costs.
27. Monitoring and Analyzing of the billing from agency in terms of accuracy and coordinating if any adjustments need to be made on the bill (on the grounds of any damages to the company, miscalculation of service costs).
28. Ensuring that total quality management is practiced by the security and admin team and are well established at the unit level (i.e. the environment for patrons, auditorium, rest room, lobby, refuel, box office, Projection, back office and break room).
29. Ensuring that all RDR drops, Cash Counts and Cash handling at Units are done as per the SOPs.
30. Monitoring the frisking of guests to ensure they are done as per the SOPs.
31. Ensuring all items entering in our premises is being checked with HHMD.
32. Ensuring that Anti-Piracy rounds are taken at regular intervals.
33. Ensuring maximum presence is at the Guest Entry Point of the Unit.
34. Maintain all departmental AMC and get renewed.
35. Fire Reports to be sent to the head office periodically i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly.
36. Fire snags to be forwarded to security and admin department at head office through Regional Manager Security and Admin.
37. Responsible for safety and security of the property.
38. Escalate safety and security concerns to departmental head and unit head.
39. Maintain register for lost and found articles, implement and adhere lost and found policy. Check on the quality of guards being supplied and to do the necessary changes as and when required. Responsible to look into regular office administration.
40. To Ensure uninterrupted night drop facility to female employees working in second shift.
41. Ensure cost effective logistical movement of people for boarding and lodging.
42. Responsible for day to day manning, deployments, position check in case of changes in positioning.
41. Ensure that all requisites are maintained at security entrance gate by security supervisor.
42. Checks on behavior, grooming , name tags, ID cards of the security personnel.
43. Ensure duty roster being prepare by security supervisor as per operations convenience.
44. Prepare departmental budgets . 45. Compile reports on manning as per shift, maintain it for DMR preparation to be sent to HO on weekly basis.
46. Negotiate rates with agency as and when required in case of any changes in The Minimum Wage act.
47. Co-ordinate with the agency in case of service standards and upkeep of equipments as provided by the agency.
48. Co-ordinate with Marketing & Operations in case of day to day service quality as well as planning for manning and requirement of extra guards during events &promotional activities and preparation of route chart for Entry and Exit for star visits.
49. Check , verify and scrutinize the bills received from agency to authenticate its accuracy every month and also to coordinate in case of any adjustments in bill on the ground of any damages to the company.
50. Check documentation as regards statutory payments before approving monthly bills.
51. Responsible for hotel booking as well as to arrange for local and outstation travel of employees for official purpose.
52. Ensure proper Liaisoning with local police department and concerned Govt. Department.
53. Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the management from time to time.

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This is a Supervisory, Managerial and Administrative position in the organization but not limiting to below: Job Summary : Handling Security functions Under the general guidance and supervision of the unit head and Manager / Regional Manager Secur

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