Job Description

1.Must have good product knowledge with regards to purchase specifications and quality standards.
2.Must understand all receiving and storage procedures and how to complete receiving and store room records.
3.To enforce control measures by insuring that:

  1. only ordered goods are delivered;
  2. partial deliveries are noted and acceptable;
  3. Multiplex is not billed for goods not delivered;
  4. goods are of acceptable quality;
4.To ensure that incoming products are checked against standard purchase specifications. Also to compare supplier’s invoices or delivery notes to the copy of the purchase order, market list, etc. To ascertain that goods and prices are identical with that order. To make physical inspection of the merchandise by measuring, weighing or counting them to ascertain that goods are actually received and subsequently charged for.
5.To move accepted products to storage areas immediately to minimize theft.
6.To inform the department concerned when goods are rejected due to wrong deliveries or difference specification/standard.

Key Points

Fluency in English, Hindi, and local language, Stores Accounts, Eye for Numbers, and Systematic & Organising ability.

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Name - Harsha Sethi


Mobile- 9911496567

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